popular ZUMBA sneaker - Women ZUMBA x Low-Top

popular ZUMBA sneaker - Women ZUMBA x Low-Top

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-* - * - *-Zumba Women's Kingston Vibes Street Fresh Dance Shoe-* - * - *-

For both style and support!
Absorbs shock and combines fashion, as well as better support.
Corresponding dance style and street best sneakers!


ZUMBA is Colombia's dancer and choreographer Alberto, "Beto", is a popular dance brand name for a fitness program created by Perez, and powerful design. Is neon pink, yellow, and orange highlights.
Active women is especially recommended for brand.

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US11 (equivalent to 28 cm)
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US12 (equivalent to 29 cm)

popular ZUMBA sneaker - Women ZUMBA x Low-Top